DECOKATSU (National Movement for New and Prosperous Lifestyles toward Decarbonization)

We started a national movement to change people's behavior and lifestyles toward the achievement of the 2030 GHG emission reduction target and carbon neutrality in 2050! The movement is named "Decokatsu", combining "DE"carbonization, "ECO", and "Katsu"
(Japanese word for activity and lifestyle)

For the movement, we will show the whole picture and visual examples of new and prosperous lifestyles toward decarbonization and will also support citizens and consumers in shifting to such new lifestyles based on cooperation between the national and local governments, companies and other organizations.

What is "Decokatsu”?

1.Present an overall image, picture of future prosperous lifestyles. 2.Support new lifestyles of citizens and consumers. Suggest new lifestyles packaged with products/services. Propose & inform of International Coordination of Lifestyle Innovation through Public-Private Partnerships.Stimulate new behaviors and global market creation /integration of market needs.

Decokatsu's vision

Image of Newly Prosperous Lifestyles toward Decarbonized Society in 10 years after

Details of Decokatsu

1.Making full use of digital tech, support various comfortable ways of working and living. 2.Offer and suggest products and services that support new lifestyles leading to decarbonization. 3.Encourage behavior changes through incentives and effective spread of info(awareness, nudges) 4.Suggest and support lifestyles unique to each region. !Provide various analog and  digital opportunities and venues (support sites) for people to learn, be exposed to and experience overall image of 'Decokatsu'

"Decokatsu Support Team" (Public-Private Partnership Council for New National Movement)

Public-Private Partnership Council consisting of the national government, local municipalities, private companies, organizations and consumers has just been established simultaneously with the new national movement to ensure effective implementation and integrated development.

Establishment of Decokatsu Support Team

Image of Public-Private Partnership Council

Decokatsu Support Team is a place for …

  1. Proposals for a new and prosperous lifestyle package that combines digital applications, products, and services.
    Cooperation to effectively appeal to consumers, including the creation of opportunities and venues.
  2. Sharing knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned from the initiatives of each entity, and spreading best practices (e.g., Green Life Point Program).
  3. Proposals and requests for government policies (e.g., specific uses and ideas for Ministry of the Environment's Public Awareness Budget).

G7 Platform for Net-zero and Well-being in Life ( new window)

We are showcasing cases from Governments of G7 countries and EU, and 4 international organizations.

Moreover, we have 106 cases from stakeholders, including local governments, businesses and organizations.

【Inquiries/Contact Us】

Public-Private Partnership Council Secretariat

Ministry of the Environment, Global Environment Bureau, Zero-Carbon Lifestyle Promotion Office